10.5 Things I Learned from My Inbox Today

The challenge: Learning 10 things from my inbox in one day that are worth sharing with you. Here’s what I found… 1: Test before sending or look like an idiot. I received an email from [PRODUCT NAME] that read, “You

Forget ‘Thank You’ Pages, Do This Instead

When someone signs up to your newsletter, do you take them to a ‘thank you for subscribing’ page? Maybe you shouldn’t. If they signed up from a pop-up, there’s a good chance they weren’t done reading the page they were

My Favorite and Most Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)

These are the calls to action I’ve found convert the most consistently for my business – your results may vary. “Join Now” – direct and creates a sense of urgency. It prompts immediate action and is effective for membership-based or

13.5 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

The highest return for the least amount of time and money in online marketing comes when you send an email to your list. You take 30 minutes to write an email, another 10 minutes to format it and insert your