How to Get Traffic from Google News

Here’s something you might not have considered… you can get free targeted traffic not just from Google, but also from Google News. Getting featured on Google News isn’t as difficult as it might sound. You don’t need to be a

Are 96 Out of 100 Visitors Saying “No” To You?

3 Steps to Getting them to Say “Yes!” Let’s suppose you’re trying to sell something, like a cool product, a special service or maybe just a free newsletter subscription. You hire a designer and a web developer to make your

My Rant of the Day and Your Opportunity

I just joined a membership for internet marketers. And I just cancelled that membership THE SAME DAY. Was it because I simply wanted to download the info and run? Nope. Was it because the information in the members area was

How to Raise Your Price without Annoying Prospects

How would you respond to this comment from an annoyed prospect? “Dude, I was looking forward to taking on the “X” package when I got paid, but you raised the price from £10 to £29 a month.” Everyone can see