Google Increases Ad Prices without Informing Advertisers

Google has admitted to quietly tweaking advertising auctions to meet revenue targets. From SearchEngineLand: The search engine “frequently” changes the auctions it uses to sell search ads, increasing the cost of ads and reserve pricing by as much as 5%

The Easiest Way to Get Free Search Engine Traffic

I’ve mentioned this tactic before, but it works so well that I simply had to share it with you again. It goes right along with how you might list build, and that is to give away something for free in

Non-Boring Keyword Mastery for Content and SEO

Maybe it’s me, but just hearing ‘keywords’ and ‘SEO’ tends to put me straight to sleep. I see some poor slob searching desperately for the keywords that will bring him traffic and riches. I see him there at his desk

cogs and funnels

Help! My Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting

“I built a sales funnel and I’m sending traffic to it but the conversion rate is terrible. What should I do?” Ideally, you want to know BEFORE you build your sales funnel that the products you’re offering are good sellers